A Certain Age


A Snapshot in Time





When looking at photos of teen-age girls, one wonders what they will be like when they get older. Looking at the women in this exhibit one wonders how their lives were lived. In this group of 115plus, we sense the character that comes with having lived a life, and wonder about the accumulation of each set of experiences.

The definitive requirement for being in this exhibit was that the women be age 75 in 2013. As to the Woods Hole identity, the connections come from living here, working here, or just having a self-defined sense of attachment to a town which itself has been described as "more like a state of mind".

This exhibit is a snapshot in time. Some of the women have died, but we have their photos; their spirit is representative of the others who came before. Taken as a whole, these women offer the viewer an accumulated vitality, warmth, wisdom, wit and comfort level with life. Perhaps that comes from having lived long enough to acquire a burnished patina, plus the great good luck from having partaken of the ambiance of Woods Hole; contributed to it, and, drawn from it.

This exhibit is an homage to women, to the beauty of age and to the spirit of Woods Hole.

Joan Pearlman, photographer
Sally Caspar, photographer
Margaret McCormick, Woods Hole Library
Jennifer Gaines. Woods Hole Historical Museum

Web Editors: Dicky Allison, Colleen Hurter and Jim Green


Table of Contents

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Robin Ackroyd
Jean Adelman
Nina Allen
Helene Anderson
Ellie Armstrong
Denise Backus
Millicent Bell
Beth Berne
Olive Crowell Beverly
Gloria S. Borgese
Frances Buehler
Joan Burstyn
Barbara Burwell
Julie Child
Ann Cleary
Jewel Plummer Cobb
Bobby Colburn
Betty Cook
Judith Cooper
Alice Cooperstein
Sally Cross
Elizabeth Davis
Mia De Weer
Doris Epstein
Joan Finkelstein
Gladys Friedler
Ruth Gainer
Violet Gifford
Mary Goldman
Phyllis Goldstein
Ann Goodman
Anne Gordon
Muriel Gould
Jean Halvorson
Hanna Hastings
Oliveann Hobbie
Eleanor Hodge
Frances Huxley
Megan Jones
Freda Kaminer
Joan Kanwisher
Phyllis Kuffler
Nancy Lassalle
Barbara Little
Laura Livingstone
Joyce Lorand
Zella Luria
San Lyman
Winnie Mackey
Annemarie Mahler
Sondra Marshall
Ann Martin
Natalie Mather
Jane McLaughlin
Polly Montgomery
Marjorie Moore
Sava Morgan
Wisty Moseley
Ann Nelson
Kathy Newman
Ada Olins

Joan Pearlman
Pamela Pelletreau
Bertha Person
Molly Potter
Prue Reynolds
Jeanne Ripps
Alison Robb
Esther Rowland
Andrea Rugh
Amelie Scheltema
Flora Schiminovich
Brooke Schoepf
Cecily Selby
Deborah Senft
Cynthia Smith
Susie Steinbach
Judy Stetson
Joyce Stratton
Ann Stuart
Mary Swope
Freddy Valois
Joanne Voorhis
Betty Wall
Mary Walsh
Margie Ward
Naida Weisberg
Ellen Weiss
Ann Weissmann
Bea Wittenberg
Ellen Wyttenbach


The Photographers


Joan Pearlman

I began taking pictures of women over age 75 in the Woods Hole community about eight years ago, soon after I got my first digital camera. I had no goal in mind, but with my camera focusing me, I started to experience the special moment when one knows something right has been captured. The choice of women who were "of a certain age" adds the patina. En masse, a sense of vitality, wit, wisdom, and honesty shines through, along with a comfort level that comes with age.

Sally Caspar

When I look at the faces of these extraordinary women, my heart brims with admiration. Many are my friends. They make living in Woods Hole an adventure. They set a high standard for enjoying life to the fullest. Woods Hole women are fearless, ageless. Their spirits do not die. I aspire to become one.