Esther Rowland

I was born in New York City on April 12, 1926. I came to Woods Hole for the first time as a summer resident in 1960. I came at the urging of Mona Gross, a long-time summer resident of Woods Hole, who suggested that we stop going to Martha's Vineyard. Instead, my husband, Bud Rowland, a neurologist at Columbia, could do research at MBL and thereby allow us to enjoy full summers here en famille.

I was an Associate Dean of Studies at Barnard College from 1973-1995. My job there was to be the academic advisor to the women who were preparing to enter the medical or the legal professions. My special interest has been to enlarge the pool of women and minorities in both of these professions. And indeed the pool of women went from 10% to 50% during the years I was active (not because of me, but with some help from me). Right now I am writing a memoir entitled "Fellow Traveler, Tales of a Normal Life". It should appear as a digital book by year's end.

My connection to Woods Hole has been as an MBL spouse, as a mother of 3 kids and grandkids, who have attended the CSS and the beaches, and all the activities for children. We have spent our summers here for 53 years (as of 2013).

We own a house at 58 Wilson Road in Woods Hole and currently live in the Treetops Condominium Community in Quissett.