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Featured Mainsheet Articles

Our Mainsheet newsletter, produced biannually, provides Museum news and updates and includes story and photo highlights from our collection. Below is a list of featured articles from previous issues of the Mainsheet. For full PDFs of published issues, click here.

Dorothy I. Crossley Photograph Collection

Dottie Crossley, by Richard S. Taylor In January 2022, the museum received an extensive collection of photographs from longtime summer Woods Hole resident, Dorothy (Dottie) Crossley, who passed ...

Antique Nautical Chart Donated to the Museum

The museum was given a generous donation of “A Chart of the Harbor of Wood’s Hole Massachusetts Including Sailing Directions” dated 1857. This original chart is in excellent condition. ...

Pie in the Sky

by Deborah Griffin Scanlon “Stock up on popovers! Demolition is starting soon!” Social media was abuzz with Pie in the Sky’s rebuilding this winter as the bakery and café, ...

Woods Hole’s First Yachtsman

By John Valois The enchanted Golden Age of yachting during the years of approximately 1880 to 1895 was also a time of enormous proliferation of summer mansions, often called ...

A Town Called Nobska: a Cautionary Tale?

By Les Garrick 100 years ago some wealthy shore-dwelling summer dudes proposed to divide Falmouth Township into two distinct towns. Their mouthpiece was realtor Horace S. Crowell, the developer ...

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