Dear Friends of the Woods Hole Historical Museum, 

Nearly a half-century ago, inspired in part by preparations then being made across the country for the nation’s Bicentennial celebration, members of Woods Hole and the larger community brought together a collection of unique historical materials, including diaries, institutional records, photographs, and works of art, among other documents, that had previously resided in people’s private homes and professional offices. These cultural artifacts form what is now in the twenty-first century the community’s archives. They tell the story of local people, their special places, and their shared activities across time. As valued touchstones of the past, these resonant collections have been cared for, preserved, and celebrated through publication and exhibition, thanks to the Woods Hole Historical Museum, located in Bradley House on Woods Hole Road.

In honor of its commitment to these treasures that reflect almost fifty years of stewardship, the Museum now proposes to create a third contribution to its beloved cookbook series Woods Hole Cooks Something Up, first published in 1975, again in 2002, and now forthcoming in 2024. Contained within the pages of this new volume will be recipes for delicious foods submitted by you–our family, friends, and neighbors! In addition to featuring some old-time favorites, this publication will be twenty-first century in spirit, offering a range of submissions reflecting our diverse, inclusive eating habits, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten- and dairy-free options. It also will bring recognition to the archives collections by celebrating text and images drawn from this growing repository of historical records and photographs created and preserved through the Museum’s efforts.

Please help us make this plan a reality by donating as much as you can to help offset the expenses associated with publishing the current generation’s contributions to delicious food and good times.

Names will be listed in the book under the following Donor Categories:

Benefactor: $2500.00 and above
Patron: $1000.00 and above
Sponsor: $500.00
Contributor: $250.00
Supporter: $100.00

All those who participate at the Supporter level and above will receive a copy of the cookbook when it is published, and will be invited to a special book launching party. Donations must be received by September 1, 2023 to be identified in the acknowledgments. Contributions are tax deductible, as allowed by IRS regulations. For questions, please contact the Cookbook Committee at

—The Cookbook Committee for the Woods Hole Historical Museum
Mary Jo Benjamin
Kathy Denham
Arlene Lowenstein
Margaret McCormick
Charlotte Emans Moore, Chair
Pamela Rothstein
Debbie Scanlon
P.K. Simonds

Ways to donate to the Cookbook Project:

  • Make a donation online using the button below.
  • Or, DOWNLOAD, PRINT, and COMPLETE this donation form.  Please make checks payable to the Woods Hole Historical Museum. Return the form, with your payment to the attention of THE COOKBOOK PROJECT, Book Publishing Fund, Woods Hole Historical Museum, P.O. Box 185, Woods Hole, MA 02543.