Drug Stores


Until the 1930s there was no real pharmacy or drug store in Woods Hole. Medicines and related sundries wee sold in the various markets or even in some of the lunchrooms. In 1933 Percy Rowe established a drug store in the large multi-story building abutting the north side of the drawbridge. Raymond P. Chamberlain was the druggist. Mr. Rowe eventually bought the building itself in 1937. Later it was bought by the Daley brothers and then sold to Mrs. James E. Lowey of Woods Hole in 1940. The business was known as “Lowey’s Spa”. Lowey’s Spa moved across the street to the building on the corner of Luscombe Avenue and Water Street.

Pharmacist Ed Jaskun owned the former Daley’s business after 1947 but sold the building to WHOI in 1961 — the lot was used for the construction of the new Redfield Building (as were the parking lots in the same block). He then moved across the street to the Lowey’s Spa location, also owned by WHOI.

Daley's Drug Store

Daley’s Drug Store and Hilton parking lot, 1950s.