Historical Photos of MBL Scientists, Staff and Students

Above are historical photos of MBL scientists, staff and students from the Museum’s collection. Click on an image to see a larger version.

Family and Individual Boxed Collections

SMALL COLLECTIONS: Families and Individuals
    Families and Individuals A-B
    Families and Individuals C-D
    Families and Individuals E-G
    Families and Individuals H-L
    Families and Individuals M-R
    Families and Individuals Re-S
    Families and Individuals T-Z

ALLEN, Norman T.

BARRETT, Captain Harry
BROWN, Oliver B.

CAHOON, Samuel T.
CARSON, Rachel

Donovan, Ellen

EATON, Betty & Bill
ELSMITH, Dorothy

    Family Collection
    Properties Plans Surveys
FISHER, Reverend George

GIFFORD, Franklin Lewis
GIFFORD and GRIFFIN FAMILIES and Survey Collection

HATCH FAMILY and Ruth Anna Hatch
HERVEY, Mrs. John P.
HOWES, Lydia
HOWES, Ship Captains

KNIGHT, Charles R.

LAWRENCE FAMILY (Sidney, Frederick)
LAWRENCE LADIES (also clothing collection)
MAVOR, James W., Jr.
MORSE Collection 08


STUART, Merrill

TAYLOR, Jean Grant

VALOIS, John Collection

WALSH, Michael (Todd Collection on Walsh Memorial Rose Garden)
WALSH, Michael — 2 ledgers (see also FAY Collection)


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Drawings from Nature

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From the Archives

Below is a list of articles that have been published in the Museum’s newsletter Mainsheet. The articles look at interesting aspects of Woods Hole history and feature research by Museum Archivist Susan F. Witzell and by several other guest writers. To see an article, click on a link.

DateTitle and Author
2018 SpringStories from our Oral History Collection of Conversations by Susan Witzell
2017 FallThe Capn Kidd — Salted Kiss Sundaes and 'A Real Bar' by Susan F. Witzell
2017 SpringThe Pie in the Sky by Deborah Griffin Scanlon
2016 FallBlacksmiths in Quissett and Woods Hole by Susan F. Witzell
2016 SpringFishmonger Restaurant and Other Restaurants at the Bridge by Susan F. Witzell
2015 FallThe Old Stone House Rejoins The Old Candle House — or Why I Love Archivists by Mark Foster
2015 SpringTrain Stations and Ferry Terminals in Woods Hole by Susan F. Witzell
2014 FallThe Younger Joseph Story Fay by Susan F. Witzell (new photos of Fay from the 1860s).
2014 SpringA History Mystery by Susan F. Witzell (Vedeler-Fish photo album).
2013 FallQuissett Oral History and the Fay Farmhouse by Susan F. Witzell (Molly Willett oral history collection and results from The Moors research).
2013 SpringThe Hurricane of 1938 by P.K. Simonds.
2013The story of some bicentennial cannon balls and a tale of cooperation by Susan F. Witzell.
2012 FallNew Accessions — Summer 2012 by Susan F. Witzell (Sarah Bryant Fays bread and milk mug; a sugar bowl from the City of Columbus; and the tale of the shipwreck).
2012 SpringThe Loose Untailored Fabric of History — the Treasure Trove in the Archives by P.K. Simonds.
2011 FallProsperity from whaling created new-style houses in the 1840s by Susan F. Witzell (Captain Thomas Davis house and Eldridge house).
2010 FallThe Log Books of Captain Anthony Howes by Nancy Bundy.
2010 SpringA Town Called Nobska — a Cautionary Tale? by Les Garrick. (Secession of the Summer People).
2008 FallPart 2. Reminiscences of a Summer at the Breakwater Hotel 1960 by Allan W. Swank.
2008 SpringPart 1. Reminiscences of a Summer at the Breakwater Hotel 1960 by Allan W. Swank.
A Bill Eaton Sea Tale 1964 by John Howard McClellan
2007 SpringWoods Holes First Yachtsman by John Valois (Alfred Harrison).
2006Eaton photos and new accessions by Susan F. Witzell

From the Archives: Stories from our Oral History Collection of Conversations

Ed Jaskun, long-time pharmacist in Woods Hole, bought a three-story building along the Eel Pond Channel (currently the site of WHOI’s Redfield Building and its parking lot) in the 1940s. In 1962 when Redfield was built, he moved to the corner of Water Street and Luscombe Avenue, the current location of Coffee O. Here are some anecdotes about his view of Woods Hole and his time along the Eel Pond Channel from a Conversation in 1979.

“Oh, I used to fish out the window when it was quiet. Of course when I first came here, it was quiet, believe me. I’d ignore customers if the fish were biting, you know. There were some tinker mackerel going through and I love small mackerel. So I put some ham on my fly rod; I like to trout fish. I tossed it out the window and just as I did, a seagull came down and scooped it up, and there’s a seagull on the end of my line! The people on the drawbridge shouted, ‘He’s catching seagulls! Look!’ I didn’t know what to do, so I kept winding it in and finally gave it a jerk, and off went the seagull

Ed Jaskun and his family lived over the drugstore on the second and third floors. He said the view from the third floor was the best in Woods Hole. The two windows on the first floor were where he fished and tossed down 6-packs of beer to passing boaters. WHHM Archives.

“I used to sell these hats, fishing hats, in the old drugstore. This gentleman came in; he bought a hat and he was going fishing. I watched him. He went out and went over the bridge and a thirty-mile-an-hour gust hit him and off went the hat, you know. I wondered what he was going to do. So he came back in again, got another hat, paid me, put it on, walked across the bridge. The wind hit him again and off went the hat again! Well, about the third time, I thought, well he isn’t going to come back. Back he came! He said, ‘This time, I’m going to hold onto it!’ He went across the bridge holding onto it. It was so comical.”

“They (fishermen) used to come by in boats, like on a Saturday, going out fishing. Of course, I sold beer and wine and liquor, too. So they’d holler, ‘Ed!’ I’d go to the window and they’d say, ‘Four six packs!” O.K., so I’d go over and heave them out the window. Then I’d throw my fly line out and they’d put a $10 bill on it and I’d drag it back in. “We’ll be back later for the change!’ ”

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Spritsail: A journal of the history of Falmouth and vicinity

Spritsail is the biannual journal of the history of Falmouth and vicinity published by the Woods Hole Historical Museum. A complete list of issues and articles is below. There are also a limited number of extra copies of many back issues available for purchase at $7 per issue. For more information email info@woodsholemuseum.org or call 508-548-7270.

Vol. No.yeartitle linkauthor
35.12021Volume 35, Number 1: Winter 2021
35.12021From the Editors Editors
35.12021The Legacy of Charles R. Crane Leonard Miele
35.12021A Brief History of Shiverick’s Pond Paul Dreyer
35.12021Prosser Gifford: Our Own Renaissance ManVicky Cullen
35.12021My Big SEA AdventureMaureen Nolan
35.12021Dan Clark: Marine Contractor and Woods Hole Legend Pamela Nelson
35.12021A Letter to the Editors Judy Stetson
35.12021Back Cover Editors
34.12020Volume 34, Number 1: Winter 2020
34.12020From the Editors Editors
34.12020The Railroad Comes to Falmouth Paul C. Dryer
34.12020Watson's Corner Susan Fletcher Witzell
34.12020Then and Now San Lyman
34.12020100 Years of a Beloved Holiday Tradition Janet Gardner
33.22019Volume 33, Number 2: Summer 2019
33.22019From the Editors Editors
33.22019Robinson Crocker Bodfish Maria C. Ward
33.22019Resort Hotels of FalmouthKathy Lanson and Leonard Miele
33.22019Woods Hole Community Association and Community Hall Centenary Rob Blomberg
33.22019An Oral HistoryIrene Wright
33.22019Poem: Living by Waters Olivann Hobbie
33.22019Museum Information
33.22019Back Cover
33.12019Volume 33, Number 1: Winter 2019
33.12019From the Editors Editors
33.12019Davisville Summer Vacations Dean A. Lundgren
33.12019Reminiscences of the Old DaysRuth Baker
33.12019The Summer Cottage: A Memoir Rene Dillingham Washburn
33.12019The History of Spohr GardensRosemary Hoskins
33.12019Planting Bulbs Lillis Palmer
33.12019The Job Shop San Lyman
32.22018Volume 32, Number 2: Summer 2018
32.22018From the EditorsEditors
32.22018Albert Szent-Györgyi and the Nature of Life Jane A. McLaughlin
32.22018Books and Benevolence: Falmouth Reading Societies of the early 1800sMeg Costello
32.22018Celebrating 50 Years of the College Light Opera CompanyCaroline Lloyd
32.12018Volume 32, Number 1: Winter 2018
32.12018From the Editors
32.12018Falmouth In World War I Maria C. Ward
32.12018WW I U-Boats off the New England Coast
32.12018The War Poems of Katharine Lee Bates Leonard Miele
32.12018Gunnar Peterson: A Committed, Contrarian Modern ArchitectDeborah Griffin Scanlon
31.22017Volume 31, Number 2: Summer 2017
31.22017From the Editors
31.2201760 Years of the Falmouth Theatre GuildJoanne Briana-Gartner
31.22017The Old Stone Dock at 200Leonard Miele
31.22017Surf Drive Houses
31.22017A Ten-Year Retrospective of Spritsail Articles Excerpts from 2007-2017The Editorial Board
31.22017Spritsail's Table of Contents 2007-2017
31.22017Poem: Falmouth

Katharine Lee Bates
31.12017Volume 31, Number 1: Winter 2017
31.12017From the Editors
31.12017The House That WasMaria C. Ward
31.12017Recollections of the Webster House Alex Hiam
31.12017A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words: Donald Fish, the Man Behind the Vintage Falmouth Photographs Christine M. Lynch
31.12017Hard Against the Rising GroundThomas Sbarra
31.12017Our Last ShoemakerCelia Brown
30.22016Volume 30, Number 2: Summer 2016
30.22016From the Editors
30.22016The Last One to GoMary Steinbach Ulbrich
30.22016A Life of Science at SeaTom Stetson
30.22016Poem: Mixed GraceOliviann Hobbie
30.22016Two Exhibitions Not to be Missed
30.12016Volume 30, Number 1: Winter 2016
30.12016From the Editors
30.12016Sam CahoonJohn Valois
30.12016A Happy WHOI StoryBarbara (Bobby) Atwood Colburn
30.12016Falmouth Country ClubMaria C. Ward
30.12016A Childhood MemoirTom Turkington
30.12016Membership Form
29.22015Volume 29, Number 2: Summer 2015
29.22015From the Editors
29.22015Wood Lumber CompanyDeborah Griffin Scanlon
29.22015Charles S. BurgessTucker M. Clark
29.22015Abbott's PointMartha Burnham
29.22015Train TripMartha Burnham
29.22015Earth's Day, Fells RoadOlivann Hobbie
29.12015Volume 29, Number 1: Winter 2015
29.12015From the Editors
29.12015Memories of the DoReMi HousesRobert W. Griffin and Deborah Griffin Scanlon
29.12015George W. JonesMaria C. Ward
29.12015Dr. George H. GreeneMarcia C. Ward
29.12015Paul Ferris Smith 1921-2014Jennifer Stone Gaines
29.12015Dusk in OctoberSamm Carlton
29.12015Museum Membership
28.22014Volume 28, Number 2: Summer 2014
28.22014Joe’s Driving RangeMargaret Hough Russell
28.22014The Creation of Teaticket ParkMargaret Hough Russell
28.22014The Vieira Family Barbara Kanellopoulos
28.22014Five Founding Members of The Board of Trade and IndustryJudith Stetson
28.22014Leaving the Lighthouse Elizabeth B. Webster
28.22014Nobska Reflections Carol Murray
28.22014Adelaide Cummings, Poet Laureate of Falmouth Leonard Miele
28.12014Volume 28, Number 1: Winter 2014
28.12014From the Editors
28.12014"Let the Good Work Go On" From the Board of Trade and Industry to the Chamber of CommerceMaria C. Ward
28.12014My GrandmotherClara Gray
28.12014Remembering Mary Louise Cole SmithJudy Stetson
28.12014An Exact LadyEric H. Edwards
28.12014The House Above Nobska PondSamm Carlton and Mary Carlton Swope
28.12014HouseSamm Carlton
28.12014Joseph Story Fay: The Life of a Modest Man  Susan Fletcher WitzellReview by Christine M. Lynch
28.12014Letter to the Editors
28.12014Membership Form
27.22013Volume 27, Number 2: Summer 2013
27.22013Rachel Carson and Woods HoleJim Hain
27.22013Remembrances of a Cruise with Rachel CarsonRoland L. Wigley
27.22013Three Visions of Rachel CarsonEric Edwards
27.22013Waquiot Bay: Prehistory, History, and Natural HistoryNancy Church
27.12013Volume 27, Number 1: Winter 2013
27.12013The Portuguese in Falmouth: 1870 to 1930Lewis A. White
27.12013Old House Tells a StoryJohn A. DeMello
27.12013River Bend SiloAnn Sears
27.12013Sunnyside/Riverbed TimelineNannette Drake Oldenbourg
27.12013Letter to the Editors
26.22012Volume 26, Number 2: Summer 2012
26.22012ReflectionsPaul Ferris Smith
26.22012Falmouth and the Second War of IndependenceE. Graham Ward
26.22012The Cannon (and Cannon Ball) ControversiesE. Graham Ward
26.22012Hollywood Comes to FalmouthLeonard Miele
26.22012A Hole in the WorldEric H. Edwards
26.22012Letters to the Editors
25.A2011Volume 25A, Number 1: Winter 2011
25.A2011From the Editors
25.A2011Florence Eldred Johnson, 1892-1984E. Graham Ward
25.A2011The Oak Grove Cemetery of Falmouth: People That Made America Great From the Revolution to Todaycompiled by Nathan S. Ellis
25.A2011Photo Essay: The Restoration and Renovation of the Katharine Lee Bates HouseMaria C. Ward
25.A2011The Art, Music and Oceanography of Fritz Fuglister and Fritz Fuglister's Oceanography Jennifer Gaines & Anne Halpin and Philip L. Richardson
25.22011Volume 25, Number 2: Summer 2011
25.22011From the Editors
25.22011Portraits of Woods Hole, The Legacy of Franklin Lewis GiffordDeborah Griffin Scanlon and Robert Wendell Griffin
25.22011Antoinette Palmer Jones: The Goodness and Power of One ChristianRev. Dr. Douglas K. Showalter
25.22011Letter: Re: WW II, Vol. 25, No. 1
25.12011Volume 25, Number 1: Winter 2011
25.12011From the Editors
25.12011The Impact of World War II on Soldiers, Scientists, Civilians and the Town of FalmouthT. Richardson Miner, Jr.
25.12011More Stories About Falmouth Veterans of World War II: William Banks, Eleanor Bronson-Hodge, Russel McCallum, George Kelly, and Dick Brooks
25.12011Woods Hole in World War IIexcerpts collected by Judith G. Stetson
25.12011Letter: Re: Living off the Land, Vol. 24, No. 2
24.22010Volume 24, Number 2: Summer 2010
24.22010From the Editors
24.22010The Woods Hole Clippers: Filling the Postwar Years With Baseball, Basketball, and CamaraderieDeborah Griffin Scanlon
24.22010Living off the Land -- A Photo and Timeline EssayNannette Drake Oldenbourg
24.22010Harvesting a Return and Home in Plymouth (Poems)Jarita Davis
24.12010Volume 24, Number 1: Winter 2010
24.12010From the Editors
24.12010NOAA Ship Albatross IVCompiled by Linda Despres
24.12010From Island Ferry to Hospital ShipE. Graham Ward
24.12010Salt Song (Poem)
23.22009Volume 23, Number 2: Summer 2009
23.22009From the Editors
23.22009Falmouth Village: Katharine Lee Bates' PlaygroundLeonard Miele
23.22009The House At Sixteen Main StreetMaria C. Ward
23.22009Empty Space: A Poem For Katharine Lee BatesEric Edwards
23.22009The Falmouth BellKatharine Lee Bates
23.22009FalmouthKatharine Lee Bates
23.22009From the ArchivesA Reflection from Carolyn Powers, Executive Director of FHS
23.22009The Katharine Lee Bates Sculpture
23.22009Book Review -- Walking Tour of Woods Hole Village
23.22009Celebrating Katharine Lee Bates -- Calendar of Special Events
23.12009Volume 23, Number 1: Winter 2009
23.12009From the Editors
23.12009First Congretational Church and the 1812 Quissett RevivalRev. Douglas K. Showalter © 2008
23.12009The Antique Signature Quilt of the N.F. Congregational ChurchMuriel Locklin and Shirley Dunkle
23.12009The 175th Anniversary Quilt of the N.F. Congregational ChurchEleanor Bronson-Hodge
23.12009The Falmouth Tricentennial Quilt
23.12009The Woods Hole Library QuiltDorothy Aspinwall
22.22008Volume 22, Number 2: Summer 2008
22.22008From the Editors
22.22008Reflections of a Woods Hole Boy -- Childhood ReminiscencesFrederick V. Lawrence (1908-1991
22.22008The Turn of the Century: A SnapshotBarbara Kanellopoulos
22.22008A Morning in Woods HoleClara Gray
22.22008Letter -- A Silent SpeciesRe: Winter 2008 -- Oil Spill
22.12008Volume 22, Number 1: Winter 2008
22.12008From the Editors
22.12008A Silent Fall -- The Story of the West Falmouth Oil SpillE. Graham Ward
22.12008Great Sippewissett Marsh: Looking for Birds and Finding the PastIvan Valiela
22.12008West Falmouth -- A Foggy Beginning 66 Years AgoDana M. Hastings
22.12008LettersRe: Julia Wood House; Anniversary Issue, Summer 2006
21.22007Volume 21, Number 2: Summer 2007
21.22007Looking Back: Falmouth At Work Note from the Editors, Note from the Author
21.22007Creating the PlaquesSarah Peters
21.22007Cranberry HarvestingJennifer Stone Gaines
21.22007Pacific Guano CompanyJennifer Stone Gaines
21.22007Marine SciencesJennifer Stone Gaines
21.22007Summer Resort CommunityJennifer Stone Gaines
21.22007Ice HarvestingJennifer Stone Gaines
21.22007Strawberry Farming and Contributions to Looking BackJennifer Stone Gaines and Committee to Encourage Public Art
21.12007Volume 21, Number 1: Winter 2007
21.12007 Looking Back: Falmouth At Work
21.12007IntroductionJacki Forbes
21.12007Eel FishingJennifer Stone Gaines
21.12007SaltworksJennifer Stone Gaines and John York
21.12007Ship BuildingJennifer Stone Gaines
21.12007WhalingJennifer Stone Gaines
21.12007Woolens IndustryJennifer Stone Gaines
20.22006Volume 20, Number 2: Summer 2006
20th Anniversary Issue
20.22006Spritsail Crew, 1987 (photograph)
20.22006Tribute to Mary Lou Smith
20.22006Spritsail Retrospective -- 20 YearsW. Redwood Wright
20.22006Spritsail's Table of Contents -- Major Articles and Poemscompiled by Janet and Steve Chalmers
20.22006LetterRe: Strawberry Festival
20.12006Volume 20, Number 1: Winter 2006
20.12006Strawberry Festival: The Start of a TraditionMargaret Hough Russell
20.12006Strawberry Festival (Poem)Eric H. Edwards
20.12006The Life of Reverend Samuel PalmerLeonard Miele
20.12006The WHHC Outreach ProgramPaul Ferris Smith
20.12006LetterRe: Gardners and Caretakers (correction)
19.22005Volume 19, Number 2: Summer 2005
19.22005Gardeners and Caretakers of Woods Hole Susan Fletcher Witzell
19.22005Letters Re: Winter 2005
19.12005Volume 19, Number 1: Winter 2005
19.12005Frederick K. Swift Diary Ann Sears
19.12005Personal Account of 1938 HurricaneDr. Oliver Strong
19.12005Poems Michael Burke, Charlotte Hampton, Peter Collom
19.12005Letter Re: Hodgson Houses
18.22004Volume 18, Number 2: Summer 2004
18.22004Mail Order Houses Judith G. Stetson
18.22004The Woods Hole Geodesic Dome: A synergetic Landmark James W. Mavor, Jr.
18.22004The Big Tree Tess Clarkin
18.22004Summer in Woods Hole Alexander Cole
18.12004Volume 18, Number 1: Winter 2004
18.12004Falmouth's Poor House and Methodist CemeteryCandace Jenkins
18.12004Falmouth's Artists' GuildPhyllis Heirtzler
18.12004The Wreck of the Schooner SpotlessSusanna Moore Eldredge
18.12004With No Regrets (poem)Peter J. Collom
17.22003Volume 17, Number 2: Summer 2003
17.22003Beebe Woods: Falmouth's MiracleJudith G. Stetson
17.22003Walking on the Punch Bowl (poem)Eric H. Edwards
17.22003The Press of TimeJohn Hough, Jr.
17.12003Volume 17, Number 1: Winter 2003
17.12003Highfield Hall, Then and NowSusan Shephard
17.12003Highfield Hall, A Brief Historical PerspectiveMaximilian L. Ferro
17.12003House In A High Field Eric H. Edwards
17.12003Algy John Buck
17.12003Letter Re: MBL Beach
16.22002Volume 16, Number 2: Summer 2002
16.22002Bartholomew Gosnold's 1602 Voyage to Cape Cod In Verrazzano's WakeJames W. Mavor, Jr.
16.22002Gosnold's Footing (after 400 years) (poem)Eric H. Edwards
16.22002The Fourth of July ParadesJean Bigelow
16.22002Letter Re: Red Wright, BikewayArthur D. Calfee
16.12002Volume 16, Number 1: Winter 2002
16.12002The Shining Sea Bikeway-- A Triumph of Citizen Action W. Redwood Wright
16.12002From the Archivists-- Woods Hole yacht Club's Spritsail Trophy Jennifer Stone Gaines
16.12002Poems: Fox and Bike Ride in the RainMary Kane and George Sethares
16.12002LetterTom Moseley
15.22001Volume 15, Number 2: Summer 2001
15.22001From the Curator-- Oral History Collection Jennifer Stone Gaines
15.22001Reflections on Ice Harvesting on Falmouth Ponds Clarence J. Anderson, Elmer Hallet, Oscar Hilton
15.22001Ice Harvesting in Falmouth: A Postscript Barbara Kanellopoulos
15.22001Ice Cream (poem) Eric Edwards
15.2200118th Century Deeds Dorothy S. Svenning
15.12001Volume 15, Number 1: Winter 2001
15.12001Family Photo Albums: Digitized Images from the ArchivesSusan Fletcher Witzell and Jennifer Stone Gaines
15.12001Considering Old Photographs of a Near Place (poem)Eric Edwards
15.12001LetterRe: Summer 2000 issue
14.22000Volume 14, Number 2: Summer 2000
14.22000Four FishermenMartin R. Bartlett
14.22000Excerpts from the Diary of Orville Dewey LovellTranscribed by Andrea Leonard
14.22000On Devil's Foot (poem)John Buck
14.22000LettersRe: Winter 2000, Quissett Ridge; Summer 1999, Greeks;
14.12000Volume 14, Number 1: Winter 2000
14.12000From the Editors
14.12000A Life in MotionOlivann Hobbie
14.12000The History of Quissett Ridge and Development of Racing BeachSusan Fletcher Witzell
14.12000Millennium PoemEric H. Edwards
13.21999Volume 13, Number 2: Summer 1999
13.21999The Greeks Add Flavor to FalmouthBarbara Kanellopoulos
13.21999Summers in FalmouthAnne Swift Sawyer
13.21999Poetry: Four LullabiesEric Edwards
13.21999From the ArchivistsJennifer Stone Gaines
13.21999LettersRe: New England Views
13.11999Volume 13, Number 1: Winter 1999
13.11999Privateering in Vineyard Sound In the Revolutionary WarWilliam T. Munson
13.11999Tarapaulin Cove (poem)Herman Ward
13.11999Joseph's BoatsKaren Allen
13.11999The Woods Hole Time BallTownsend Horner
13.11999From the Archivists: WeathervanesJennifer Stone Gaines
12.21998Volume 12, Number 2: Summer 1998
12.21998Falmouth's Historic Pumping StationMatthew A. Kierstead
12.21998Running WaterJudith G. Stetson
12.21998Why Woods Hole?James Watt Mavor, Jr.
12.21998LetterRe: St. Anthony's Church
12.11998Volume 12, Number 1: Winter 1998
12.11998The Emerald Family of East FalmouthRichard Kendall
12.11998Swift Family WhalingE. Kent Swift, Jr.
12.11998Celebration Poem for the Bicentennial of the East End Meeting House, Now Falmouth's SynagogueEric H. Edwards.
12.11998LettersRe: Atlantis and other Summer, 1997 articles
11.21997Volume 11, Number 2: Summer 1997
Tenth Anniversary Issue
11.21997From the Editor
11.21997Before the Mast in the Ketch AtlantisWilliam B. Cooper
11.21997LettersRe: A Quissett Summer Romance, Vol. 11, No. 1
11.11997Volume 11, Number 1: Winter 1997
11.11997A Quissett Summer Romance Sidebar: Trotting ParkThomas Cushman Morse
11.11997Ring Out in Honor of Brave Paul RevereKaren Allen
11.11997Poem Two CenturiesEdith Austin Holton
11.11997From the Archivists: MassachusettsMaritime Academy: The Ship Sloop Falmouth Fred Turkington
11.11997LettersRe Winter 1996 Issue: Church of the Messiah from Rev. Edgar Lockwood
10.21996Volume 10, Number 2: Summer 1996
10.21996The Centennial History of the Woods Hole Yacht ClubJohn Valois
10.21996Early Days of Racing in Woods HoleBrowne Littell
10.21996Two Master Racers in Woods Hole: Prince Crowell and His Imp Judith G. Stetson
10.21996Two Master Racers in Woods Hole: Sam Cahoon and His Mae WinJohn Valois
10.21996Sailing (poem)Gordon Todd
10.21996From the Editors
10.11996Volume 10, Number 1: Winter 1996
10.11996Art and Architecture of the Church of the MessiahSally Loessel
10.11996The Stone Church of The Messiah in Woods HoleWilliam O. Burwell
10.11996Reading History in Falmouth's Old Burying GroundAnn Sears
10.11996Letters --Re: Vol. 10, No. 1-- Curtain Rising; Quissett Harbor House; Redwood Wright
10.11996View from the Curator's WindowJennifer Stone Gaines
9.21995Volume 9, Number 2: Summer 1995
9.21995From the Editorial Board
9.21995Curtain Rising: Theatre in Falmouth Over the Past Seventy YearsDeWitt C. Jones III
9.21995Hurricane WeddingMarjorie Moore
9.21995Kim at MenemshaProse/PoemDavid Bradley From the Archivists
9.21995From the Archivists: Woods Hole CollectionSusan Fletcher Witzell
9.11995Volume 9, Number 1: Winter 1995
9.11995The War Years in FalmouthFrederick T. Turkington
9.11995Life in Woods Hole Village During World War IISusanFletcher Witzell
9.11995Letters Re: Vol. 8, No. 2-- Woods Hole Post Office
8.21994Volume 8, Number 2: Summer 1994
8.21994Sailing Ships, Science and Stonework: The Stuff One Dream Was Made OfLucy Coan Helfrich
8.21994Woods Hole Buys Its Post OfficeJudith C. Stetson
8.21994Letters Re: Vol. 8, No. 1-- Lotawana Nims
8.11994Volume 8, Number 1: Winter 1994
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7.21993Volume 7, Number 2: Summer 1993
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6.21992Volume 6, Number 2: Summer 1992
6.21992The Angelus Bell Tower and Mary Garden in Woods HoleJane A. McLaughlin
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6.21992On the CapeEva March Tappan
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2.11988Ratification Ballad
1.11987Volume 1 Number 1: Summer 1987
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1.11987Baldwin Coolidge, Photographer (1845-1928)Jane A. McLaughlin
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1.11987From the Archivists: Woods Hole Historical CollectionJennifer Stone Gaines
1.11987Falmouth (poem) Katharine Lee Bates
1.11987Letters: Martha's Vineyard RailroadArthur R. Railton
1.11987History of FalmouthBruce Chalmers

Village Views: Photographs and Memorabilia of Woods Hole in the 1890s

Gallery Two:In the 1880s Mr. Coolidge produced stunning images of Maine and New Hampshire, and around 1890, he began photographing Boston, Lawrence and later Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and the Cape. He took numerous images of the village of Woods Hole, especially investigators and scientists at the MBL. He continued coming to Woods Hole in the late 1890s and into the early 20th century.

Because of his work in Woods Hole, the Museum Archives owns many original prints of Baldwin. In 1998, the museum printed a collection of his photos, “New England Views,” which is still available for purchase at the Museum shop.

Online and Audio Exhibits


A two-pound cannonball fired by the British during an attack on Falmouth during the War of 1812.

In addition to the exhibits presented in our galleries and in our shops each year, the museum website presents several online exhibits. Some of these (like the exhibit about ice houses) are online versions of exhibits that were mounted in the museum galleries at some point in the past. Others (like the exhibit about the guano works) were never mounted and have existed only online.

Here are the  exhibits available for viewing or listening to online:

Drawings from Nature by the Students of Julie Child
Science Connection: Woods Hole and Japan
Businesses of Old Woods Hole
The Winter of 2015
Historic Ice Houses
Woods Hole Women of a Certain Age
Historical Photos from the Museum Archive
Walsh Roses on the Fay Estate
Historical Paintings of Woods Hole by Franklin Gifford
A History of the Guano Works on Great Harbor
An Audio Tour of the Village
The MBL at 125
Listen to an Interview with WHHM Walking Tour Guide Rob Blomberg about The Captain Davis House

To read more about these exhibits scroll down or click here.

Science Connection: Woods Hole and Japan

Ume Tsuda (far left) and Sutematsu Yamakawa (far right) both came to Woods Hole and the MBL to study in the late 1800’s.

For almost 150 years there has been a science connection between Japan and Woods Hole. Many of these connections have been on the very personal level, one-to-one. Many accomplished scientists have mentored younger students and assistants, challenging them to discover new facets of the scientific world.

Increasingly through the years there has been more formal cooperation at the institutional level. Yet the bonds of friendship and the ties between individual scientists have only grown and become stronger. These people work together, seeking and sharing knowledge of the ocean and its life.

There was an exhibit describing some of the connections between Woods Hole and Japan on display in the Museum galleries during the summer of 2016. To see an online version of that exhibit, click here