Annual Meeting: August 4, 2021

Holly HerbsterOur Annual Meeting on August 4th, , featured a talk on: “Cape Cod Archaeology: Past, Present, and Future,” by Holly Herbster, senior archaeologist with the Public Archaeology Laboratory in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

The Cape and Islands have a long history of amateur, academic, and professional archaeological investigation, examples of which are highlighted in the current Museum exhibit. Ms. Herbster talked about how archaeological study has changed over time, what it can add to our understanding of human land use across the Cape, and how it might help tell new stories in the future.

Ms. Herbster worked with the Woods Hole Historical Museum to develop its exhibit, “Left Behind: Clues to Life in the Past,” a display on Native American archaeological sites, ranging from approximately 12,000 to 450 years ago, along with artifacts and images that tell more about the culture of the earliest inhabitants of the region.

You can watch the talk here: