The Swift Barn (now the Small Boat Museum)

The Yale Workshop

The Small Boat Museum

The Swift Barn was built in 1877 by E. E. Swift for $80.71, labor and materials. It now houses the Small Boat Museum. Displays include an 1890s Woods Hole Spritsail boat (SPY); a Herreshoff 12 1/2, a Cape Cod Knockabout, a Mirror dinghy, a 1922 Old Town canoe, a Woods Hole Chamberlain dory and many boat models and maritime artifacts. Other small boats on the campus include two more Cape Cod Knockabouts, two Beetle cat boats under restoration and our latest gift: a 1905 Spritsail boat.

Be sure to go around the far end of the Swift Barn to see the children’s inter-active exhibit. There kids can climb aboard the Cape Cod Knockabout Penguin and sail the Sound in their imaginations. People can try their hand at tying knots: the bowline and the clove hitch, and feel the Power of Pulleys.

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