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Below is a list of articles that have been published in the Museum’s newsletter Mainsheet. The articles look at interesting aspects of Woods Hole history and feature research by Museum Archivist Susan F. Witzell and by several other guest writers. To see an article, click on a link.

Date, Title and Author
2017 Fall, The Cap’n Kidd — Salted Kiss Sundaes and “A Real Bar” by Susan F. Witzell
2017 Spring, The Pie in the Sky by Deborah Griffin Scanlon
2016 Fall, Blacksmiths in Quissett and Woods Hole by Susan F. Witzell
2016 Spring, ‘Fishmonger Restaurant and Other Restaurants at the Bridge by Susan F. Witzell
2015 Fall, ‘The Old Stone House Rejoins The Old Candle House – or Why I Love Archivists by Mark Foster
2015 Spring, ‘Train Stations and Ferry Terminals in Woods Hole by Susan F. Witzell
2014 Fall, ‘The Younger Joseph Story Fay by Susan F. Witzell (new photos of Fay from the 1860s).
2014 Spring, ‘A History Mystery by Susan F. Witzell (Vedeler-Fish photo album).
2013 Fall, ‘Quissett Oral History and the Fay Farmhouse by Susan F. Witzell (Molly Willett oral history collection and results from The Moors research).
2013 Spring, ‘The Hurricane of 1938 by P.K. Simonds.
,‘The story of some bicentennial cannon balls and a tale of cooperation by Susan F. Witzell.
2012 Fall, ‘New Accessions – Summer 2012 by Susan F. Witzell (Sarah Bryant Fay’s bread and milk mug; a sugar bowl from the City of Columbus; and the tale of the shipwreck).
2012 Spring, ‘The Loose Untailored Fabric of History – the Treasure Trove in the Archives by P.K. Simonds.
2011 Fall, ‘Prosperity from whaling created new-style houses in the 1840s by Susan F. Witzell (Captain Thomas Davis house and Eldridge house).
2010 Fall, ‘The Log Books of Captain Anthony Howes by Nancy Bundy.
2010 Spring, ‘A Town Called Nobska — a Cautionary Tale? by Les Garrick. (Secession of the Summer People).
2009, none
2008 Fall, ‘Part 2. Reminiscences of a Summer at the Breakwater Hotel 1960 by Allan W. Swank.
2008 Spring, ‘Part 1. Reminiscences of a Summer at the Breakwater Hotel 1960 by Allan W. Swank.
,‘A Bill Eaton Sea Tale 1964 by John Howard McClellan
2007 Spring, ‘Woods Hole’s First Yachtsman by John Valois (Alfred Harrison).
2006, ‘Eaton photos and new accessions by Susan F. Witzell


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