The Pacific Guano Company in Woods Hole

Guano Works

The guano works in 1880 on what is now Penzance Point. From the Museum Archive.

Beginning in 1859, Woods Hole was home to the Pacific Guano works. On Penzance Point, where multimillion dollar homes now stand, ships from around the world brought guano and dead fish to a smelly factory that manufactured fertilizer. Then in 1889, the guano works suddenly shut down. Why was it there? What did it do? And why did it close so suddenly? You can learn more about the guano works here.

Audio Tour

Sam Cahoon

Sam Cahoon in about 1900. From the Museum Archive.

Hear Woods Hole: An Audio Tour of the Village

You can take an audio tour of Woods Hole. Visit the Bell Tower, meet Sam Cahoon, and learn about the Buckminster Fuller dome here.

The MBL at 125

During the summer of 2013, the Museum hosted an exhibit honoring the Marine Biological Laboratory for 125 years in Woods Hole. Some of the photos and some of the text from that exhibit are now here on the web. Click here to see more.