We are OPEN for the 2020 season July 15 to October 3rd. Visitors are invited to browse our outdoor exhibits and gift shop and participate in our ever-popular Walking Tour of Woods Hole (see below) where you’ll learn about the history and culture of the village.

Online Gift Shop:  Browse our most popular items, from Spritsails to t-shirts to bookmarks. Items can be delivered to your door or you can pick them up curbside. Visit the online gift shop at whhmgiftshop.org. We can’t wait for your orders!

Membership: Already a member? Welcome back! If you are not a member and would like to become one, we have membership forms available during open hours, or you can sign up online here.

Walking Tour of Historic Woods Hole: Learn about the history and culture of Woods Hole with our tour guide Rob Blomberg in an actual walking tour of the village each Tuesday at 10 AM, through early fall. Face masks are required, as is social distancing. Hand sanitizer will be available. Please bring your own masks.
View/download our Walking Tour Companion here.
Reservations required for Walking Tour: email whhmdirector@gmail.com.

If you can’t make it to see us in person, we will miss you—but please enjoy our virtual museum experience!

See all of our Woods Hole virtual tour videos here.

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The Woods Hole Historical Museum is a lively small museum with changing exhibits and diverse programs appealing to people with wide interests. Founded as an adjunct to the Woods Hole Library “to establish and preserve a collection of objects and materials of cultural, historical, and artistic value,” the Museum has grown to a campus of several buildings housing exhibit, workshop, and archival space, as well as becoming an active publisher of works of local and historical interest.

The Small Boat Museum

On your next visit to the museum be sure to visit the Small Boat Museum, formerly the Swift Barn, which was built in 1877 by E.W. Swift for $80.71, labor and materials. Displays include an 1890s Woods Hole Spritsail boat (SPY); a Herreshoff 12 1/2, a Cape Cod Knockabout, a Mirror dinghy, a 1922 Old Town canoe, a Woods Hole Chamberlain dory and many boat models and maritime artifacts.
Other small boats on the campus include two more Cape Cod Knockabouts and two Beetle Cat boats.

“From the Archives” Article Shares Stories from the Oral History Collection

Since 2006 the Museum’s newsletter Mainsheet has included extended articles that look at interesting aspects of Woods Hole history or feature research that has been done in the Museum Archives. Articles include stories about Woods Hole’s first yachtsman, the hurricane of 1938, the history of the Fishmonger restaurant, and more. You can find the series here on the website under the Museum Archives tab, or, to see a list of articles rescued “From the Archives”, click here. To read some stories from the Oral History Collection, click here.

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