Bradley House, Museum Galleries and Museum Shop

Bradley House

Bradley House

Built around 1804, Bradley House was bought by Captain William H. Bradley at auction in 1821 for $339. It was home to the Bradley family for many years. Joseph Story Fay bought it from the widowed Mrs. Betsey Bradley in 1871 with the proviso that she could live there for “the balance of her natural life.” In 1902 it was moved by the Fay family to its present location, a few hundred feet west along Woods Hole Road and turned 90 degrees. It was rented to many tenants over the years. In 1948, it was donated to the Woods Hole Library, still rented out and also used as a doctor’s office. It was restored and made into a museum in 1976.

Bradley House contains three galleries. Two galleries show exhibits that generally change each year. The third gallery contains a permanent scale model of Woods Hole, circa 1895.

The Archives (Woods Hole Historical Collection) and the offices of the museum are also in Bradley House.

The Woods Hole Historical Museum Shop is also located in Bradley House. The shop offers a wide array of interesting and unique gifts for all ages. Browse our online gift shop here.

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